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Comfort and beauty for your baby’s room  

Wood flooring is a classic that never goes out of style. The effect is sophisticated and neutral, matching any decor, including keeping up with your baby’s growth, without having to change the floor when it is bigger. It is also easy to clean and has high durability. Make your budget with us!

Tips for lake house

Amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the lake house becomes a haven for those seeking peace and well-being, if only for a few days. To make the environment pleasant and beautiful, some items are indispensable in such a space: a beautiful and good fireplace to warm the coldest days of winter and still […]

Get some tips on retro decor!

Get some tips on retro decor! The retro style is quite present, in both commercial and residential environments. One way of composing this decoration is to explore the wood, since this material was very used in the past. In this article we will bring you some inspirations to add this material to your environments. MADEIRA: […]


When your hardwood floors need refinishing — and they will — you can save a little (if you are willing) by doing the work yourself. Many homeowners choose the DIY route, which is why virtually every tool rental outlet in the country stocks floor sanding equipment. Before you jump into the messy and physically demanding […]