Get some tips on retro decor!

Get some tips on retro decor!

The retro style is quite present, in both commercial and residential environments. One way of composing this decoration is to explore the wood, since this material was very used in the past.

In this article we will bring you some inspirations to add this material to your environments.
MADEIRA: The wood had its peak between the decades of 50 and 70, therefore, it is essential that it be present for those who wish to compose a retro decoration.

FLOOR: The floor is something you can not miss! you can adhere on special tacos or floors, which have everything to do with this decorative style.
The color is not very relevant, but if you choose the taco,
prefer something more traditional, not to leave the environment very modern.
You can also use the wooden staircase as an option, and can cover the steps with this material, as well as make the handrail and install sophisticated finishes.

It is important to remember that there is a difference between retro and vintage,
being retro composing all the pieces are new and bring a modern technology,
just simulating old objects.
Already the vintage is made a search for all those pieces that in fact belonged to the decade that is intended to reproduce.
Now that you’ve received some tips, FGL Flooring can help you make some of these decorations to perfection!

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