How to clean and maintain handrails?

Leaving the house clean is a wish of everyone striving to leave the perfect home. The ladder is one of the parts of the house that has more flow of movement, so it is a place that deserves attention.
The handrail is a part that often gets dirty because many people run their hands through it every day. It is normal for the handrail to become oily or dirty. A simple, homemade way to clean the handrails is to use a damp handkerchief to remove the debris and the sticky appearance that remains after the children pick it up with sweaty hands, for example. Clean moistened tissues with equal motions and apply pressure if necessary to remove dirt. After devoting the areas with dirt pass a moistened handkerchief on the railing in general.
In relation to maintenance, wooden handrails require more frequent maintenance, which includes the application of insect protection products, such as termites, and waterproofing usually made with varnish.
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