Tips To Take Care Of Your Hardwood Floors

Apr 12, 2022Flooring

Due to its beauty and elegance, wood is considered one of the most elegant materials in the world of architecture, decoration, and interior design. Thanks to the treatments given to wood in the manufacture of floors, it is possible to enjoy an impeccable appearance for many years.

For this to happen, it is essential not only to acquire a quality floor but also to make proper use and care of them. That is why we give you some tips so that your wooden floor is always in the best condition.



It’s important to keep them clean and sweep them daily, as walking on dirty hardwood floors is the easiest way to ruin their finish. Never use strong cleaners or water on waxed hardwood floors, as they can only be cleaned with a woolen cloth. In addition, you can use a mop made of very soft material, which allows you to remove the greatest amount of moisture as well as make it easier to clean.



Another way to take care of your wooden floors is to avoid chafing from the legs of your furniture and chairs. Using felt or protectors on the bases of tables, chairs and other elements that you will move on the wood is a fabulous resource to prevent them from leaving marks. Also always try to lift the furniture instead of dragging it.

Moisten a soft cloth or mop with the water, or whatever liquid you intend to use. Test in a corner or small area first to avoid damage to the hardwood floor.



The maintenance of a wooden floor must be regular, but avoid a lot of water, as they can end up deforming and swelling. Although from time to time you can pass the mop well-wrung with water to remove all the dust, especially in the hottest months. Even so, in daily maintenance, it will be enough to remove the dust on a daily basis. You can do it with a broom, although the best is the vacuum cleaner.



There are places in the apartment where we constantly pass: corridors, entrances, around the living room furniture… in these places it is advisable to put rugs, rugs or carpet folders, as they will help prevent scratches.



Many times, we decide on wooden floors of various shades. To keep them in good condition, in addition to cleaning them dry, we can also add a splash of vinegar to add more shine. But beware! Since this should not be done directly on the floor, add a little vinegar to a bucket of water. It will be necessary to moisten the mop and pass it lightly over the floor. Remember that the wooden floor should not remain wet for a long time, and in addition to cleaning any stain immediately, you have to dry it as soon as you pass the vinegar with water.



It is not necessary to deprive yourself of the pleasure of having pets in your new home if you already have hardwood floors and want to keep them clean and shiny. To protect your floors, all you have to do is cut your nails to a level that does not harm your pet but does not allow them to damage the wood finish when walking. If you have a dog, it is best to let it discharge all its energy on daily walks, so that when you are at home you do not have anxiety and can walk calmly. In the case of cats, you can put a scratching post in a corner of your home so that they have a place to climb, play, and scratch. Both your kitchenware and your wooden floors will appreciate it.



If your floor has lost its shine, you can find a lot of specific oils on the market to recover it. These oils prevent the wood from drying out. You can rub the product with a clean cloth with a little oil on the most damaged wood.

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