Top 6 Ways Of Keeping Your Slippery Floor Dry

Oct 12, 2022Flooring

Many of the most attractive floors are smooth and glossy, and over 99 percent of those are slippery when wet although they often have excellent slip resistance when dry. When they’re near an outside door special care is needed to keep them dry to prevent slip accidents. Here’s how

1. Keep Floors Dry At All Times

Wipe away the slightest sign of moisture on your floors at once. A wet spot or sweating on the floor (due to humidity) is just an accident waiting to happen.

2. Use A Degreasing Agent In Typically Oily Areas

Certain areas, like the kitchen and garage floors, are more exposed to oil than others. For these surfaces, simple mopping with water and/or a dry mop won’t suffice. Find a degreasing agent that is compatible with your floor type.

3. Use The Right Kind Of Cleaner And Polish

The wrong kind of chemicals could cause a buildup of slippery film on flooring. Make sure that the cleaners and polishes you use are made for the exact type of floor you have. Tip: Use the agent on a small portion of your floors in the exact way you would use it for the rest of the floor area and test the surface to see if it is slippery.

4. Clean Floors Thoroughly

Residues of moisture, wax, grease, soap, talcum powder, and dust can all contribute to a slippery floor. Clean surfaces thoroughly to make sure the floors are rid of these.

5. Always Use A Dry Mop After Cleaning And Polishing

Grease, soap, and moisture may cling to your mops. Reusing the same mop after cleaning causes a layer of grease, soap, and moisture to form. This, in turn, causes the floors to become slippery. After cleaning your floors, make sure you use a separate dry mop for a final clean. And make sure to clean your mops properly to remove any residue that may have clung to them.

6. Invest In The Right Kind Of Matting For Multiple Areas Of Your Workspace

Different mats are designed for different areas. Make sure you have matting coverage throughout your establishment to prevent slips and falls in your business space.

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