The Best Ideas To Reduce Noise From Floors Above

Dec 9, 2022Flooring

Suppose you are dealing with footsteps, loud music, and pets running around on the second floor. It’s not surprising that some people prefer single-story houses or live on the top floors of buildings so they don’t have to deal with that noise.

However, some people dream of having a 2-story house or are currently living in one. If so, you must be looking for ways to reduce noise and commotion from above. The acoustic shock should be only one part to decide what kind of floor favors you the most.

Below are several flooring options to help eliminate noise from above.


Laminate is one of the favorite options among expert flooring contractors. The old versions were not soundproof, but with technological innovations, they have improved noise damping. As a result, laminates are excellent floors, easy to clean, much warmer than wood, and are a perfect option for children’s rooms.

It is recommended in the installation process to add a sound barrier under the flooring sheets to prevent noise transfer.


Carpet is one of the most comfortable, warm, and luxurious noise-reducing floorings. There are different shapes, colors, and textures. These floors are installed with a deep pad or Visco elastic foam trim, so no people will notice their renter walking on the next floor.

One disadvantage of synthetic rugs is that they attract allergens; in different parts, they attract dust, and another drawback can be maintained.


Vinyl plank flooring is a great option with sound-insulating technology, making it an excellent opportunity for second floors. It is durable, waterproof, and scratch resistant. Plus, it’s perfect for a modern, pleasing, and luxurious design aesthetic.


 Hardwood adds value to your home, and you can find wood to match any home decor. Although this floor is noisier and can be easily scratched, it is a floor that can last a lifetime with proper maintenance and care.

One solution to this problem is to lay down a cork or filler subfloor to reduce noise.

Bamboo Floors

It is one of the preferred flooring options in traditional and modern homes. There is a wide variety of colors, and cork can adhere to individual sheets, is softer for the feet, and gives a slight spring to the step.

Soundproofing To Reduce Noise

There are a few subfloor options that you can also consider. Although it’s an extra step to add to the installation process in the long run, it’s an excellent decision.

The purpose of subflooring is to make your floor smoother. It creates a soft platform underfoot. It’s an excellent option for blocking out noise.

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