How To Choose Paint Colors That Match Hardwood Floors

Dec 16, 2022Flooring

When it’s time to redesign your home, the floors and walls are the foundation for your home’s overall scheme. Wood floors are one of the best traditional options. They come in a variety of shades. Some are textured with color variation, others are smooth with slight color variation, while others are faded, flat style that provides a lot of color variation.

Choosing the right shade can be a complex task due to the wide variety of shades available on the market. Regardless of your hardwood floor finishes, you need the right paint color that will help bring out the beauty of your home and reflect the environment you want.

Here we have several tips for combining the best paint tones for your new floor and achieving that dream you have been looking for.

Wall Tone With Light Wood Floors

Light wood floors vary in tone depending on the species. Some difference in nuances is the type of stain used in its finish. Light wood floors can be in cool undertones (gray undertones) or warm undertones (red, orange, or yellow).

When choosing the type of color for your wall, you must consider the wood’s nuances. In general, the walls in cold tones combine with the cold shades of wood, and the warm shades on the walls complement the warm shades of the wood. But, of course, you can go the other way. If you want a different style and design, choose the opposite tone of the color of your floor.

White Hue

White tones are a classic and versatile option that goes well with almost any hardwood floor, whether light, medium, or dark. White walls pair well with light hardwood floors. However, some homeowners dislike it due to the hospital-like look. If you think the same way, you can reduce the white tones to whitish to give it a more docile tone.

Fortunately, white comes in different shades. A Beige tone is an example of a warm tone. Other tones of the same temperature can be cream, eggshell, and parchment white. On the other hand, cold whites are frost white, snow, and porcelain.

The recommendation is to opt for white paint with cold tones if your floor is made of wood in a hard style. In the same way, use warm white color if your wooden floor has warm tones.


Neutral tones work well with all hardwood floors. For example, Brown and gray are wall colors that go well with light, medium, and dark hardwood floors.

These shades are also cool-toned and warm-toned. Cool, light gray colors are the best paint for cool hardwood floors. On the other hand, brown mid-tones are the ideal tones for delicate wood floors in warm tones.

To ensure you get this look right, ensure your wall paint is at least two shades lighter or darker than your light hardwood floors.

Cool Tones

Cool tones like green, blue, and purple are other shades that also play well with light wood floors. However, as mentioned above, it must be clear that these colors suit wood floors with cool undertones.

These colors are suitable if you want to add color and create different atmospheres in your space. Grey-green and bluish-gray colors are also cool colors.

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