Add Luxury And Increase The Value Of Your Home With These Flooring Tips

Feb 2, 2023Flooring

As the year winds down, look for home improvements that add a bit of luxury and value. 

Since the real estate market is very active, it is the best time to remodel and make the changes you want in your home, especially if you move or sell next year. 

Here are some tips on adding luxurious touches to your home with flooring and getting a great return on investment. 

Clean Your Floors For A Remarkable Impact

One of the easiest ways to add value is to make your floors look new. A little effort and the right products for your bed will make your feet look like they were just installed. 

Tile can be cleaned and sealed for refreshments, while carpet can be steam cleaned for a new look. If you have floors, think about the option of renewing them if they look worn or scratched. You can also dye them to go with the trends. 

Enhance Your Space With Rugs And Rugs

A beautiful rug in rich colors can be transformative and create a look that feels more expensive. Area rugs help frame furniture groups and add paint pops if you have a neutral range. Instead, add a more neutral background to deep-toned furniture. 

Floor runners are an excellent option for places like hallways and stairwells. They liven up your look while protecting floors from heavy foot traffic. 

Revive your decor with rich accents. 

Leather, marble, gold, glass, wood. Decorative items, lamps, mirrors, and works of art, all of these items can add little touches of luxury. However, be mindful of placing things in areas that require the most accent. 

Modernize Bathrooms 

If you want to increase the value of your home, in the first row is the renovation of the kitchen and bathrooms. Bathrooms are the easier of the two. However, updating the flooring and painting the walls can be a significant investment. 

Vinyl is available in tile and plank and can look like expensive stone or high-end hardwood tile. Either option will add incredible aesthetic appeal. 

Wood Flooring Upgrade

If you want to renew the floors consider the option of hardwood floors. It is universal and always goes in style. It is the most luxurious option with the highest return on investment. This flooring class can increase your home’s value by up to 2.5%. 

We have several alternatives if using hardwood for the entire house is outside your budget. First, you can use engineered hardwood, which has a few layers of wood covered by a layer of high-quality wood. It makes it not only more affordable but also more durable. 

Another alternative is to install hardwood in the main areas, such as the living room, dining room, and hallways, and use carpet in the bedrooms.

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