The Best Flooring For Pet Owners

Feb 9, 2023Flooring

When considering a new home or remodeling, there are a few considerations for dog owners to keep in mind. Sometimes finding the flooring that suits your style and animals is challenging, but several options can work for you. Choosing a material for your floor that can resist scratches, dirt, and accidents is essential to the longevity and quality of your floors. 

Here we will give you the best options to adapt to your needs and resist the wear and tear that were having dogs entails. 


A tile is an option that does not fade in time, and pet owners love it. Unlike laminate, these tiles can withstand spills and wet mopping. In addition, today, we have a significant advancement in flooring technology. High-definition images can give you the look of natural stone and even hardwood floors. 

This material can be combined with grout, and the texture of the tiles offers plenty of traction for pets. One downside to this flooring is the cold, rigid feel of the tiles. This may not be as comfortable for your pets as other types of flooring. 

Luxury Vinyl 

This option is excellent since it is durable, cost-effective, and waterproof flooring that is precise what dog owners need. Vinyl flooring options today can replicate hardwood, stone, or tile floors and have the added benefit of being more scratch resistant and durable. 

Easy access and durability make this flooring a favorite choice for pet owners who want to look fantastic and stand up to pet wear and tear. It is easy to clean and maintain, and there are a variety of styles. 


Laminate is durable and can resist scratches, making it a great pet choice. Laminate is similar to vinyl but tends to be more of a hardwood imitation because of its texture and surface details. Softer finishes may provide less traction for your dog’s paws and tend to provide less insulation. 

One downside to this flooring is that it is less waterproof than other types of flooring, it is straightforward to clean, and it is generally less expensive. This material is resistant to wear and tear, everything you need for your pet. 

Engineered Hardwood 

Hardwood floors are a cost-effective option. They are made with a layer of hardwood on top and simulate hardwood floors very well, generally lasting longer. This type of material can handle moisture if cleaned quickly. However, it is less durable than other plastic-based materials like vinyl. Excess water can cause big problems. 


Bamboo is an attractive option if you want to floor similar to natural wood. It is resistant to stains and has extreme durability, in addition to its easy care and maintenance. Furthermore, bamboo is a solidly engineered product that can be stained and finished somehow. 

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