The Best Floors For A Child’s Room

Mar 30, 2023Flooring

The type of flooring you choose for a child’s bedroom will affect the entire environment. This means that you should focus on various features when weighing your options. 
The quality of the floor, as well as its appearance, feel, and texture, will affect how the child can interact with the room. You also have to worry about the possibility of particular floors causing odor.


Carpet is the traditional choice for bedroom flooring and is especially common in children’s rooms. This is mainly because it is pretty luxurious and soft, allowing it to act as a cushion that rests under the whole environment. In addition, this surface provides tactile comfort to the space while helping to prevent injuries by cushioning trips and falls. A thicker mat can also be purchased to increase this effect. Another benefit of rugs in a bedroom is the fact that it can act as an insulating buffer across the floor. This will help reduce some of the ambient noise that can be generated by children playing, stomping, and jumping around the room.


Cork is quite a unique option for a child’s room, one that can provide many of the qualities of the rug without the most drawbacks. When installed, cork is naturally soft and pliable underfoot and can be softened further by purchasing thicker tile materials. This is even though it somewhat resembles the more solid hardwood. Unlike carpet, however, cork flooring is antimicrobial, and the material naturally repels the growth of mold and other microorganisms. It is also anti-static and will repel dirt and dust, making the room naturally cleaner and healthier. In addition, when properly installed and sealed, it can be made nearly impervious to stains, and maintenance typically consists of periodic sweeping or vacuuming.


Rubber is the flooring commonly used in playgrounds because it is a very soft, flexible, and cushiony material that can absorb impacts and falls from even moderate distances. Rubber flooring is also highly durable and can resist damage from rips, tears, scratches, and punctures much better than its soft-surface counterparts. In addition, it is perfect because it is low maintenance, easy to clean, and difficult to stain, making it very popular in children’s rooms.

Heavy Duty Vinyl

Vinyl is inexpensive, low-maintenance, stain resistant, waterproof, and very difficult to damage by ripping or
tearing. In many ways, it is the ideal material to stand up to the rigors that children can inflict on a bedroom

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