Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Hardwood Floors

May 4, 2023Flooring

Wooden floors are trendy. They bring a feeling of warmth and natural beauty into your home. They are easy to clean and maintain. With proper care and maintenance they can increase the value of the homes where they are found.
However, hardwood floors must be installed correctly for homeowners to reap the best benefits. Here we will tell you six common wood floor installation mistakes and how contractors or installers can avoid them.

1. Not Preparing The Subfloor

The condition of your subfloor will impact the quality of your hardwood floors. When the subfloor is prepared after installation, it can cause problems such as loose boards or loud creaking. If these problems are not fixed in time, you will have to deal with cracked or warped floors as a result of these problems. It is not a good idea to rush processes before installing the new hardwood floor when working on your subfloors. The better the condition of your subfloor, the better the durability of your hardwood floors.

2. Forgetting To Check Humidity Levels

Moisture has a direct impact on hardwood floors. When the conditions are dry, the soil tends to contract; on the contrary, it begins to expand when the ground is wet. Therefore, when boards are installed at either end, it can lead to problems that develop over time. For example, when floors are installed during a dry winter, they will be in their most contracted state, and when the weather warms up and becomes more humid, the boards expand and can begin to crack from increased pressure. If you live in a climate where you experience cold, dry winters and hot, humid summers, it’s a good idea to consider humidity  levels before installing hardwood floors. People who live in more temperate climates may not experience these problems.

3. Create A Lazy Layout

Your rooms aren’t perfectly square if your house has right angles at every corner. When you rush to install hardwood floors, you may find that the planks look odd in certain places or need to be cut at odd angles to fit. Because the planks create long rows that stretch across your floors, a design that needs more elaboration and detail will be very noticeable.

4. Going The Wrong Racking Route

The order in which the boards will be installed must be planned. Moving a hardwood floor makes the installation go smoothly and ensures an attractive appearance once everything is in place. However, when you don’t rack the wood planks or speed up the process, you can end up with multiple joints grouped in one spot or an odd placement of various lengths or shades of wood.

5. Not Nailing Hard Enough

Your boards may be secure as they go through the installation process. However, each board must be carefully installed with the necessary fasteners to prevent the panels from loosening, creaking, and creating other problems in the future. Also, take your time with the project because you must remember to nail the planks properly.

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