Things To Consider When Choosing Floor Color

May 18, 2023Flooring

Installing a new floor is always exciting, but you should consider a few points of view before deciding on the color that best suits your space. Flooring creates the backdrop to your home, so choosing the right one is essential.
Trust your instincts and complement your floor color with your room’s features, style, and mood. You may wonder how to choose a floor color to enhance your space without removing other design features. Consider how to personalize your floor, combine furniture and choose the right color for your home.


The floor color you choose will depend on your room’s overall purpose. Whether your space is for your children, pets, or yourself, colors play an essential role in combining the room’s functionality. Specific design features: If you want your furniture to be the center of attention, use natural colors to serve as a beautiful base. Choose bolder colors like shades of red to reflect luxury and pair with colonial furniture or brown tints to match country-style décor. Ideally, you want the floor to be the backdrop instead of stealing the spotlight from selected design elements.
Functional materials: Always think about the function of your space before choosing a floor type and color. If you have pets or children, you’ll want durable, affordable, and customizable flooring. Some materials only come in specific shades, like hardwood, so keep that in mind when looking for materials. Room Purpose: The function of your room will inform what colors you use for the floor. Select fun, bright colors for an adventurous playroom for your children. If you’re designing a home office, choose light colors for a clean, simple aesthetic that isn’t distracting.

Size Of The Room

The colors you choose for your bedroom floor will significantly affect the size of the area. If you’re working with a larger room, a darker floor will make your space feel smaller and more intimate. Conversely, a lighter color will make smaller spaces feel more prominent by giving the illusion that you’re opening up the room. Consider how you want a particular area to feel when choosing floor colors.

Contrasting And Complementary Colors

When deciding on a floor color, think about the color of your furniture. While mixed colors may appear too uniform, colors too contrasting can be harsh on the eye or create a sense of clutter. Therefore, it is essential that your flooring complements the color of your decor and that you strike a balance between other colors and features in your room.

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