How To Make Tile Floors Less Slippery

Jun 1, 2023Flooring

If you have your property for rent, the safety of the residents should be one of your first concerns. That’s why looking for and being aware of early hazards on your building property is essential. The possibility of slipping or falling is one of them.
While preventing all resident or guest slips and falls is impossible, there are many ways to minimize them. One of these ways to address these concerns is by considering the type of flooring in your building. Many types of floors, such as those found in elevator landings, parking lots, and bathrooms, can become very slippery when in contact with water.
You may be wondering what the best way to mitigate the risk of falls caused by slippery tiles, especially ceramic ones, is. We’re going to tell you several tips for you to take into account.

Apply A Non-Slip Coating

Many non-slip coatings are on the market to create traction on ceramic tile. It would be best if you looked for one that will give you a level of grip that is secure in both dry and wet conditions.

Consider A Non-Slip Tile

If your condominium building requires flooring replacement, you can choose a non-slip tile to ensure you don’t need a future non-slip coating application.
Many different glazed ceramic tiles are available with rough and non-slip surfaces. Providing a tile expert with information about where you will use the floor can also present other non-slip flooring options outside of ceramic.

The Problem With Engraving

Some flooring experts recommend etching combined with an acid-based treatment to help with slippery tiles. While etching makes the floors surface rougher, this treatment method has adverse side effects and makes it less slippery. But, first, the appearance of the foot becomes dull, and it is more likely to retain stains due to the destruction of the sealer layer.
Second, although this treatment method initially creates slip resistance, the etching results are often shortlived. Dirt and regular deposits begin to break down the treatment, making the floor difficult to clean and smell bad. If the etching is repeated, the floor tiles become even weaker, which can result in the bed being replaced much sooner than you thought. At the end of the day, slippery floors in condominium buildings are a nuisance and a serious safety concern.

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