Tips For Polishing Your Hardwood Floor

Jun 22, 2023Flooring

Hardwood floors endure a lot of traffic daily: high heels, pet nails, children’s toys, and furniture that can be moved. Hardwood floors are complex but still susceptible to scratches and scuffs. Sanding floors to apply a new surface finish is costly and is required every few decades. However, polishing with a particular product indicated for your feet is an easy and economical way to restore shine, even out imperfections, and extend the useful life of your wood.
It would be best to have a flat-head mop with a cleaning pad and a commercial hardwood floor polish, high or low gloss, to achieve the desired look.

1. Test The Finish On Your Hardwood Floors

To be more sure of what type of finish your floor has, scrape a little in a visible area with the blade of a sharp knife. If the finish is stained, but no clear material is scratched away, your floor may have a brilliant finish. Stop and do not clean these hardwood floors, these floors just need to be waxed. If you see a transparent material, your floor likely has a surface finish. It is safe to polish these hardwood floors. However, be sure to test the polish on a small hidden or inconspicuous spot on the wood before
tackling the entire floor.

2. Wipe And Clean Your Hardwood Floors Of Dust And Dirt

Empty the room, removing as much furniture as possible, then deep-clean the floor to remove dust and grime. Sweep or vacuum, then mop with a commercial hardwood floor cleaner or a solution of 1/4 cup dish soap and 1 gallon of warm water to remove stubborn soil. Give floors a final wipe with a clean, waterdampened mop to remove any cleaner residue. Dry thoroughly with a clean, soft towel.

3. Polish Hardwood Floors To A Shine

Pour a small amount of wood polish on the floor in an S-shape, beginning in the back corner of the room; tracing leads you to an end near an exit path that will. Work the solution back and forth toward the flat wood surface mop grain using an f, smoothing out any air bubbles. Work in small areas about three to five feet wide to better control the amount of polish you’ve

4. Stop Restoring The Room For At Least A Day

Wait an hour before allowing light traffic through the room and a full day before moving your belongings back and resuming regular use. To avoid scratching, avoid dragging, or sliding the furniture, Pick up each item and place them where they belong. The place felt furniture pads under heavy pieces for added protection.

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