Some Of The Reasons Why Tiles Fall Off

Jul 6, 2023Flooring

Tiles that peel and fall off make a wrong impression and can lead to more problems if left untreated. One of the most common causes is a bad installation, and hot water in the case of hot showers or baths.

The Plaster Under The Tiles Is Not Primed

The plaster must be well-primed for the tiles to adhere well to the wall. When you install the tiles on your walls, please prime the tiles and the surrounding areas. This primer helps waterproof the area with a thin, durable coating, allowing the tile to stay in place and preventing water from reaching the walls. The recommended product for priming the tiles before installation is usually latex or oil-based, which gives it a water-repellent quality.

Tiles Were Not Cleaned Before Laying As Chalk Dust

It is essential to clean the tiles because the chalk dust residue prevents them from adhering correctly to the wall.

The Adhesive Is Not Applied Well

You should take into account that the tile adhesive you buy is waterproof. Apply the glue evenly to each tile. The tiles will probably stay on if you consider this an important step.

Tiles Are Not Grouted Correctly

Another reason tiles can fall off is that the grout was done too soon. Could you be sure to leave the adhesive for 24 hours before grouting the tiles?

Incorrect Tile Grout Is Used

Another critical point to consider when buying a tile grout is choosing the right product. Look for waterproof tile grout and prevent tiles from peeling off due to moisture.

Uneven Wall Surface

Uneven surfaces also cause tiles to fall off the wall. A wall with humps and sags makes tiles fall off easily. Tiles adhere best to flat surfaces.

Not Using The Correct Grout Sealer

Once the grout is set, applying a grout sealer to each tile joint is essential. And the tiles are in the correct position. If you forget this step, the water will get into the tiles; consequently, they may fall off the wall. For this reason, purchasing a sealer with antifungal properties is essential. This will prevent the development of any mold or mildew.

The Tiles Were Not Allowed To Set

It is essential to let the grout settle and dry thoroughly before walking on it to avoid moving the tiles and disturbing the grout. Could you wait at least 24 hours before walking on the floor?

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