Tips For Maintaining Your New Floor

Jul 20, 2023Flooring

Even though floors are made for walking, we all want to keep them looking like new for as long as possible! Here we will give you ten tips to keep your floors in good condition for years.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

It’s essential to prevent accidents when someone slips on a slippery surface; cleaning up spills quickly helps ensure your floor doesn’t warp, stain, or suffer water damage. When a spill occurs on a carpeted floor, soak up the fall with a dry white cloth or paper towel, then blot the area with a small amount of carpet cleaner. Do not rub the spill; this can damage the carpet. Could you block the water to remove any residue when cleaning the stain?

Place Mats At All Entrances

Dirt, debris, and other types of waste can accumulate on the mat. Could you ensure everyone wipes their feet when they enter your house? It’s ideal for them to remove their shoes when they walk in, especially if you’re wearing heels, as they can dent or damage particular floors.

Sweep Or Dust Mop Regularly

Removing dust, dirt, debris, and pet hair will keep your floors looking spotless and help prevent them from getting scratched or stained.

Vacuum Hard Surfaces Carefully

If you have wood, laminate, or vinyl floors, only vacuum on the bare floor setting. Using a beater bar can damage them and make new floors more challenging.

Pay Particular Attention To High Traffic Areas

Vacuum high-traffic areas of the home daily, such as entryways and hallways, if you have carpet. If you don’t do this, dust and dirt can become trapped in the fibers, making the carpet look dirty and causing problems such as asthma and allergies.

Mop With Caution

Many surfaces, such as luxury vinyl or porcelain tile, can be wet-mopped without a problem. But other hardwood floors, like laminate, are waterproof, so using a damp mop can seriously damage them. Standing water can discolor or dull the floor finish.

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