Hardwood Floors for Dog Owners

Jul 27, 2023Flooring

Suppose you love your pet but don’t like how their nails can ruin your floor. You’re not alone. Many pet owners have this issue. Here are some tips for choosing hardwood floors that withstand time and dog claws.

Avoid Soft Woods

No species of tree used for hardwood floors is precisely the same. That’s why it’s important to ask a flooring store about the specifics of a wood species before you buy it. We recommend dog owners avoid softwood species because they are more likely to scratch and dent. This type of wood should be avoided, charred bamboo, American cherry, American walnut, cedar, pine, and fir.

Use Solid Wood

Solid wood floors are more durable, so scratching and denting the surface requires more effort. Concrete wood floors are made of hardwood, unlike engineered wood flooring, with only a thin layer of hardwood over the plywood. Therefore, engineered wood flooring is not as durable or recommended for dog owners.

Analyze Aged Hardwoods Very Well

It is currently fashionable to install aged wooden floors. The great thing about worn hardwood floors is that if your dog scratches the floors, you probably won’t even notice. Scratches would be a way to add design to a distinctive bed. If, on the other hand, you hate the look of worn floors, there are many different options for choosing a hardwood floor that your dog can’t destroy.

Choose Wood With Strong Grains

Woods with firm grains are ideal for hiding scratches, dents, and other damage caused by pets. For example, red oak and walnut have a strong grain that distracts from scratched hardwood floors. When you buy your bed, could you ask the adviser about other species of trees with solid veins?

Avoid Shiny finishes

It is widespread for people to love shiny hardwood floors. However, they are not a good idea for dog owners. Wood floors with a glossy finish usually detail every scratch and dent. For dog owners, satin or matte finishes for wooden floors are recommended. FGL Flooring hardwood flooring contractors are happy to help you create beautiful living spaces.

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