6 Reasons To Replace Carpet Flooring

Sep 14, 2023Flooring

Even the best carpet needs to be replaced at some point. You’ll want to replace your carpet when you notice stains, mats, or even a foul odor that doesn’t go away with any product. Not only is the rug soft underfoot, but you can choose a variety of colors to complement the design of your home.
Here we are going to give you 6 reasons why you should replace your old carpets.

1. You Don’t Like The Color Or Pattern

Rug stores can offer you a variety of rug colors to suit your tastes and the design of your home. If you’re not convinced about the carpet the previous homeowners installed, now is your chance to install a new carpet. Specific colors go out of style as time passes and can make your home look dated. One of the advantages of rugs is that they come in various shades, unlike hardwood floors, where the colors provided by nature are limited.

2. Your Carpet Is Aging

Generally, a carpet can last 5 to 15 years. This will depend on the quality, padding, and whether it was installed in a busy area. An example of this is the bedroom carpet, which tends to last much longer because it has less traffic than the hallway and entrances.

3. You Are Using Furniture To Hide Stains

If your floor has several visible stains and you must constantly move furniture to cover them, it’s time to consider replacing the carpet. For musket floors, treating stains as soon as possible is advisable. If you wait too long, liquids can seep into the carpet fibers and stain the padding.

4. There Are Mats On The Paths With A Lot Of Pedestrian Traffic

Over time, heavy furniture and foot traffic can tangle the carpet. Couch legs can leave footprints on your living room carpet. Some prints can be fixed with professional cleaning. However, others create permanent dentson the floor.

5. You Smell Mold Or Pet Stains

The foul smell may indicate mold or pet stains that have seeped under the carpet. If a deep carpet cleaning does not eliminate the odor, you must contact your local carpet company to request a replacement.

6. There Is Mold And Mildew

Mold likes to grow in damp, dark places, like basement carpets. If your home was recently flooded, the type of water that flooded your home will also determine whether the carpet can be recovered. Fresh water from a sink is entirely different from a sewage reservoir. A basement flooded with contaminated water will need a new carpet installed after it has dried and cleaned.

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