Why Use Natural Wood Floors

Sep 28, 2023Flooring

These are the top three reasons to choose natural solid wood flooring.

• Durability. As long as it is properly maintained, hardwood can last a lifetime, even up to 100 years! And here’s the good news: it’s very easy to maintain. Simply sweep, vacuum, mop and steam clean regularly to maintain the integrity of your natural wood. While solid wood floors can be an expensive option when you initially purchase them, in the long run this option will save you money as cleaning products are not expensive and you can do without the cost of repairs. Additionally, natural wood colors do not fade over time; In fact, the patina improves with time.
• Valuable. For all the reasons mentioned above, natural wood floors can increase the value of your home. They are cleaner than carpets as they are easily cleaned and are also a hypoallergenic option and do not emit potentially toxic fumes. Therefore, the value of hardwood goes beyond even personal use.
• Style. You have complete creative control over your hardwood floors, even years after installing them. You can add light or dark stripes, choose a pattern, and choose tiles that have knots. If after a few years you decide you want to change the color, most flooring options require you to rip them out and start from scratch, but not hardwood. Depending on your flooring warranty, you can refinish your hardwood floors and update them to your personal taste. In addition, hardwood is very complementary with any type of furniture and decoration. It can also make your space appear larger than it really is.
Now that you’re sold on solid wood, here are some of the most recommended natural solid wood species options.
• Oak. This historic type of wood flooring has stood the test of time in both durability and popularity. This strong species comes in two options (red and white oak) and is often the most affordable hardwood option.
• Maple. With the lighter tone of the wood, this hardwood works best in rustic homes.
• Walnut. This is the easiest hardwood to clean due to its soft nature and comes in two different types: American and Brazilian.
• Bamboo. Technically, it is not hardwood, but grass compressed into planks. Because it is a grass and grows in abundance, this is a much more environmentally friendly flooring option. This is a newer type of flooring and may not be as durable as the other options.
• Pine tree. Due to its lower carbon footprint during production and transportation, this wood floor is one of the most sustainable options. It is also known to improve with age as its color will change over time.
• Cork. Ideal for rooms that need a silencer, this type of wood can be cut from a tree multiple times without damaging it, making it a renewable resource.

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