Reasons Why My Laminate Floor Is Lifting

Oct 5, 2023Flooring

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing your laminate floors lift or bend and you want to repair it and get it back to its original state, what you need is time, patience and effort to get it looking great again.
A raised laminate floor is a problem for everyone. There are several reasons why your laminate floor may lift in different areas and the key to solving the problem is recognizing the root cause. Once you identify the flooring fault, you can repair it and ensure that the problem does not arise again.
In general, excess moisture and an uneven base are the main problems why your laminate floor can lift. Here we are going to give you some reasons.

Underlying Moisture Problem

If there is excess moisture on the subfloor or on the concrete slab you are laying the floor on, the laminate may not lay as flat as you thought. If there is more than 6 to 9% humidity you should try to dry the area or use a dehumidifier before laying the floor.
An underlayment helps protect the new laminate from additional moisture underneath and also reduce noise.

Improper Installation

If the floor is not installed correctly, for example, if the interlocking pieces were not installed accurately or if the floor was installed too tight against the wall or conversely the floor was not properly acclimated, you will likely not have the final result. that waits.
If interlocking pieces are not connected properly, gaps can form between the boards. On the other hand, if it is too tight against the wall, it can cause warping when the indoor temperature or humidity changes. And if the laminate is not acclimated to the temperature and humidity before being laid, it could shrink or grow once laid and cause it to lift.

Uneven Subfloor

An uneven surface on the subfloor or concrete slab on which the floor is laid can cause heaving. A selfleveling compound can level concrete slabs and require an expert contractor to fix this problem.

No Expansion Gaps

If narrow gaps are not left at the edges of laminated pieces, there is no additional room for swelling as humidity fluctuates, causing lifting with the change of seasons. It is essential to leave this small space between sections.

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