Which Tile Pattern Is Right For Your Home?

Oct 12, 2023Flooring

If you have decided that tile flooring is the ideal option for the room you want to remodel. However, when you talk to the tile floor design consultant. You may feel overwhelmed by the many tile pattern options available on the market.
To help you understand the selection available to you, here we will give you a guide to floor tile patterns.

Straight Mosaic Pattern

A straight mosaic pattern is a simple grid. This square mosaic pattern is ideal for rooms where you want to keep the design simple but modern. However, the simple elegance of a straight mosaic pattern can also be perfect for rooms with intricate designs and vibrant color palettes. The long, straight grout lines of this classic floor tile pattern can also be used to guide the eye to a focal point in the room.

Diagonal Mosaic Pattern

This type of diagonal tiling pattern is similar to the straight layout pattern, except that the grid is rotated at a 45-degree angle to create diamonds. If you want to make a small room in your house appear larger and more spacious, we recommend using the diagonal mosaic pattern. Therefore, the 45-degree angle creates an optical illusion where the grout lines draw attention away from the narrow space of the room. Large tiles also help make a room appear more spacious.

Running Link Tile Pattern

The continuous tile pattern is laid out in the same way as the bricks which are staggered. This design uses rectangular tiles and is ideal for hiding imperfections in the floor. The continuous tile pattern can help hide slightly uneven floors by preventing the eyes from focusing on one tile at a time.

Checkerboard Mosaic Pattern

This type of checkerboard mosaic pattern is very common among homeowners. It is named for its black and white chess-shaped appearance, it can also be changed into various colors. The checkerboard mosaic pattern is laid in the same way as straight or diagonal patterns. The only difference is the alternating color scheme.
This type of chess pattern is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, even entrances. As the checkerboard pattern is distinctive, we recommend that you only use it in rooms with simple decoration. One of the best ways to combine stoneware floors with the rest is through white walls.
On the other hand, if you install checkerboard tile flooring in a room with busy designs, this pattern may look tacky.

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