5 Ways To Silence The Squeaking Of Your Hardwood Floors

Nov 23, 2023Flooring

Squeaky hardwood floors can make you feel very uncomfortable, like you are living in an old house. Here we are going to give you several tips on how to silence your hardwood floors forever. If these tips don’t work for you, we recommend calling a hardwood flooring contractor.

Use Construction Adhesive For Long Spaces

If the gap between the subfloor and the joist is too large for a single shim to work, use construction adhesive to close the gap. Make sure the construction adhesive goes into the gap, otherwise it won’t work.

Nail A Board To A Damaged Beam

As you watch the floorboards squeak, you may notice that the support beam is damaged. Over time it is not uncommon for the joist to separate slightly from the subfloor as it warps or deteriorates.
The first thing you need is a block of wood that is long enough to cover the space. Next, you’ll want to run a strip of construction adhesive along the top of the wood joist and glue it to the subfloor before nailing or screwing the new wood joist block.

Insert Shims Into Spaces

A wedge is a small wooden wedge. You can purchase some of these at home improvement stores. Additionally you need to find the places where the floor creases. Stand in your basement while the other person walks on the floor above you. When you are standing under a squeaky board, take one of the shims and insert it between the gap between the plywood subfloor and the joist.

Add Blocks Between Creaky Beams

If the source of the squeak is coming from the joists themselves, you’ll need to up the ante. Get some 2×8 blocks from the home improvement store and run a bead of construction adhesive along the edge that will sit against the subfloor. Next, you will want to insert the wooden blocks at the midpoint of the beams. Secure the block in place with nails or screws.

Drill Through The bottom

Do not perform this method unless you are pretty sure it will not puncture your new hardwood floors. When you hear squeaks between the joists, it may be because the hardwood floor is rubbing against the plywood beneath.
To remove the squeak, you need to drive short screws into the plywood. Make sure the screws are short enough so that they do not go through the wood floor above. If you’re not sure you have the right size, try driving a screw in from the bottom of your cabinet.

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