Tips To Preserve And Care For Your Wooden Floors

Feb 8, 2024Flooring

Wooden floors are very attractive and cozy, but if they are not cared for correctly they end up being a disaster. Here we are going to tell you several tips to care for and preserve your wooden floors.

1. Never Use Chemical Cleaners Or Chlorine

These products can stain the sheets and dull the shine of the wood.

2. To Remove Dust

If you have a vacuum cleaner, check that it is a special soft brush for delicate floors so that it does not get scratched. The ideal is to use a mop or, if you use a broom, one with soft, fine bristles. You can also use a cloth or electrostatic cloth to remove hair and dust.

3. Avoid Cleaning Wood Hairs With Water And Vinegar

When cleaning wooden floors, what is being cleaned is the finish that protects the wood. Vinegar, being acidic, can deteriorate the surface and reduce the shine. Additionally, if you leave excess water on the floor, it can also swell and the wood can  discolor.

4. Keep The Floor Free Of Moisture

Try not to use too much water and dry everything as best as possible to avoid serious damage, such as lifting the boards.

5. Use A Hardwood Floor Cleaner

It is ideal to use a specially formulated wood floor cleaner, it is the best way to maintain the beauty and appearance of the wood. Pass the previously moistened mop over the product evenly and straight in the same direction as the grain of the wood, always following the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not apply too much liquid, work in small sections until the entire floor is complete. Use a microfiber mop to clean it. Let dry completely, avoiding traffic.

6. Use Rugs

Wood wears easily, so be sure to place rugs in high-traffic areas and under heavy furniture so they don’t put holes in the wood. You should never drag chairs or furniture across the hardwood floor as this could scratch it.

7. Little Sun

Light can change the color of the floor if it is exposed daily and directly and constantly. Close the blinds or curtains and place a rug in the area to preserve and care for your hardwood floors.

8. No Shoes

The habit of cleaning shoes on a mat at the entrance door and changing them immediately upon entering with socks or shoes that do not damage the wood, prevents the accumulation of dirt and dust, and also prevents scratches caused by high-heeled shoes.

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