Tips For Maintaining Your Floor

May 16, 2024Flooring

Carpets can hold approximately four times their weight in dirt or even more. The accumulation of dirt, sand, dust and other bacteria will ruin the overall aesthetics of your property.
Cleaning your floor and ensuring it is in top condition can significantly reduce the potential for structural damage and even improve the value of your property.
Here we will give you the best tips to maintain your floor.
Focus on high traffic floor areas
We all have to do activities on a daily basis and the task of cleaning the floors can be overlooked. So when we dedicate ourselves to our tasks we must do it as best as possible.
If you are short on time we recommend cleaning high traffic areas as they have the most dirt and bacteria than any other part of your home.
Take off your shoes before walking on the ground
We’re all guilty of walking across the floor in dirty shoes from time to time. You can simply remove your shoes before stepping on the floor, this will significantly reduce many harmful bacteria and products from entering your property and causing potential damage to your floors.
Even placing a rug at the entrance to your property will invite people to wipe their feet or take off their shoes when they enter.
Sweep dust and dirt daily
Sweeping dust and dirt is important for the overall appearance of our properties, however, we often engage in simple tasks.
Creating good habits and preventing dust and dirt from accumulating can save your floor from potential damage and will make your property much more visually appealing.
Be careful when mopping the floor with a damp mop
While wet mopping can be used to clean most types of floors, such as porcelain or luxury vinyl, other types, such as hardwood or laminate floors, can be negatively affected by wet mopping. Standing water has the potential to cause discoloration or even dull your floor’s finish.
Clean up spills immediately
Cleaning up spills as quickly as possible will go a long way to ensuring that your floor does not suffer water damage or stains.
When dealing with stains on carpeted floors, be sure to absorb the spill with a dry white cloth or paper towel and blot the area with a small amount of carpet cleaner.
It is recommended not to rub the spill, this can cause severe damage or even fray the fibers of your carpet. Once the stain has been thoroughly cleaned, blot the area to remove any carpet cleaner residue.

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