The Most Common Mistakes When Installing Floors

Jun 6, 2024Flooring

The floor of a home or commercial office is one of the most important aspects to take into account in a construction or renovation project. If installed correctly it will contribute to the aesthetics of the space, its durability and also your budget.
Here we are going to tell you the most common mistakes in floor installation, it will help you avoid them and maintain caution when starting a new installation in any room.
1. Starting the project without a clear vision regarding the decoration
When installing new floors, you may imagine a totally different result than what you are seeing while the work is being done. You may be overcome by uncertainty and a feeling of disappointment, since it did not turn out as you expected.
When the decoration, colors and textures of the room are not taken into account, the result can be catastrophic. Many times it can seem difficult to have a clear view of the entire space where the floors will be installed, especially if it is full of furniture, rugs and other objects.
However, you can take advantage of some companies that can offer you an environment simulator to project the result of the work in 3D, this way you can see how the room will look with the new floor. This simulation will prevent you from making any mistakes when choosing the type, color and material of the floor to install, even before purchasing it.
2. Choose the wrong material
Another of the most common mistakes made is the poor choice of material due to not taking into account the infrastructure and environmental conditions of the place, and the type of use it will have.
You should keep in mind that there are different types of floors, with different characteristics and specific installation methods. For this reason you should not be carried away just by appearance or because it is fashionable. Take into account the use that the floor will have and the humidity and temperature conditions of the place. The floor for a house, for example, has a different use than that of a commercial warehouse.
3. Install without previously reviewing the materials and quantities
It is essential that you verify if all the material has the same quality, tone and caliber. If you do not do this, there may be differences that will be noticed at the time of installation and will affect the final result of the work. To avoid this problem, you can check some boxes randomly to make sure the material is in perfect condition.
4. Lack of cleanliness
IT IS very important to clean the surfaces on which the floor will be installed. If they are full of dust, paint or other residues, they will affect the effectiveness of the glue or adhesive used to install the floor. If the surface is completely clean, the glue will adhere without problems and will prevent the floor pieces from coming off in the short or medium term.
5. Lack of leveling and conditioning of space
It is important to take into account the level of inclination of the floor, check if it has cracks and make sure that it does not have any type of subsidence, as this would seriously affect the placement of the pieces and even cause them to break.
Additionally, it is vital that the wall is plumb and square. A crooked wall will lead to an equally crooked flooring installation with patches of patchwork. If you correct these errors before installation, you will have a level, harmonious and square floor.

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